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Happy Winter with SNSD
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31st-Dec-2011 10:34 pm - Films En 2011
Yoona photobook
29th-Apr-2011 11:40 am - It's almost over :(
Ariadne Inception
I can't wait to be in July !!!

Becaus of this I dreamed about Bella, Narcissa and Lucius last night !!

21st-Apr-2011 10:06 am - SM Town!!!!
HIMYM - quote

SM TOWN in Paris!!
All my favorite group : SNSD, Super Junior, f(x), DBSK and SHInee!! I'm really excited about it!!

June is really going to be a busy month, the concert and the week-end after Europa-park with friends. I will not buy anything in May because I'm going to be so poor!!

30th-Mar-2011 12:07 am - En noir et blanc.
Recently at work I'm on a project about movies' magazines especially 20's movie in black and white. I find it really interesting and beautiful to see all those pictures of actors and actress in black and white, the light is always well done.
So I was turning the pages of the magazines and I saw this picture :

I read the name below and it took me few seconds to realize : it was Charlie Chaplin.
I think I never saw without his moustache and his Charlot's costume.

Here I stop my thought of the day, so sleepy (I can't even make a right sentence in english, sorry)

18th-Mar-2011 11:04 am - La vie en rose!!
HIMYM - quote
° I receive the two shirt I buy for my niece. They are so Hello Kitty and...pink ^_^ I'm sure she will look cute.

° Tonight, I'm on holiday for one week. I've been waiting for this since 8 month.

I want to try something : Did anyone want a postcard from France ?
I don't know it could be nice even if I never write really interesting things ^^
If anyone is interessed just tell me or semd me a PM.
11th-Mar-2011 10:59 am - Song meme!!
Ariadne Inception
Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
List (and upload/link) 5 songs you love that begin with that letter.
Post them to your journal with these instructions.

wintertroll gave me the letter C.

01. Circle of drain by Katy Perry ~ Click ~
02. Chu by f(x) ~ Click ~
03. Cruel Fairy Tale by IU ~ Click ~
04. Coeur de Bombe by Diam's ~ Click ~ (video with english subtitles)
05. Can you hear me by Taeyeon (SNSD) ~ Click ~

italicskies gave me the letter M.

01. Mistake by SNSD ~ Click ~
02. Mirotic by DBSK ~ Click ~
03. Misetekure by Kanjani 8 ~ Click ~
04. Monster by Super Junior ~ Click ~
05. Mr. Boogie by f(x) ~ Click ~
5th-Feb-2011 01:24 am - Dr Mamour!!!
Buffy - Positive space

The last two episode of Grey's Anatomy season 6 were amazing.
I cried, I screamed, I held my breath. Surely the best final episode I have ever see. But I think Buffy's episode 5x22 is still my favorite (I know it by heart) maybe because I like when they make me believe that characters are dead o.O

Babies ^_^Collapse )

HIMYM - quote

I'm not a fan you say "This is so good" to everything SNSD do (because I think it's stupid) and I don't understand all the general craze for this MV.
The song is ... ok. At least Sunny got many lines, more than any SNSD's song maybe Intel compositor is a Sunny (and Seohyun) fan.
The MV is not so good. Those sparkling's dress are ugly with the colorful background. And I find the dance move stupid.
And the lyrics make me think about "chocolate love"'s lyrics, how can they sing that kind of thing for a computer or a phone?

Core core core core co co co core core core core~ Collapse )
11th-Jan-2011 12:13 am - Kpop random Meme
HIMYM - quote
I get tag by wintertroll , so I will try to do it without cheatin ^_^

1.Put your music player on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button (ONLY ONCE!!!) to get your answer.
3. YOU MUST WRITE THAT SONG NAME DOWN NO MATTER HOW SILLY IT SOUNDS - even if it is incredibly embarrassing.
4. Tag 15 friends who might enjoy doing the same as well as the person you got the note from. 5. Ready? GO GO GO!!

Meme...Collapse )
5th-Jan-2011 10:46 am - Journée de m****
HIMYM - quote
The post office lost my SNSD's calendar!!

It really make me crazy. They are incompetent sometimes (it's the first I have problem with them).
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